Almazara Experimental Finca La Grajera is a press with industrial characteristics dedicated exclusively to investigation. It was created by The Government of La Rioja in 2006 in order to develop R + D + i projects to characterize Rioja Oils. For the study development, the oils from the 8 hectares of olive trees surrounding the mill situated in the hamlet ‘Finca La Grajera’ in Logroño are analyzed. With the cultivated olives from different varieties, other projects are also carried out to catalog the most important indigenous varieties of the region, and evaluate its performance in a super intensive farming system. Its oil ‘Finca La Grajera’ is intended for institutional events.

Ctra. de Burgos Km. 6
26071 Logroño (La Rioja)

Telephone number: 
(+34) 941291100 (ext.31364)
(+34) 941291723