Located in the heart of La Rioja, in a small town called Murillo del Río Leza, Almazara Olivarioja opened its doors in order to recover the tradition of olive cultivation in the region of Jubera. In the hands of Tomás Hurtado and his wife Teresa, this project began in 2004 with the creation of an 8-acre olive tree grove on their land ‘La Nava’, between the towns of Murillo and Ventas Blancas. The idea became real in 2007 with the construction of Almazara Olivarioja, which has a milling capacity of 500.000 kilos per season and can hold in its cellar up to 80.000 litres of oil. Their brand ‘Lacrima Deum’ is sold in high cuisine and gourmet establishments.

Ctra. LR 261 Km. 6,1
26143 Murillo de Río Leza (La Rioja)

Telephone number: 
(+34) 941205735
(+34) 616436421
(+34) 941256818