Located in the village of Albelda, Almazara Valle del Iregua started its activity in 2008 with the aim of encouraging the growth of olive trees in the Valley of Iregua. The García Cámara family began its commitment planting 20 acres of organic arbequina related to the PDO Aceite de La Rioja where they grew their own olives to create their own oil. Under ‘Candor’, ‘Santificetur’ and ‘916’ brands, they sell a product that has received national and international recognition in the ecological oil awards Ecotrama 2009 for the excellent work done during the first year of the mill.

Camino Los Carrascales 4-7
26120 Albelda de Iregua (La Rioja)

Telephone number: 
(+34) 941743931
(+34) 650655220