The Control Board of PDO Aceite de La Rioja is a privately managed public body whose structure and functioning are regulated in the 'Order 48/2010, of September 17th, when the Regulatory Board of Corporation of Public Law created the protected designation of Origin Oil of La Rioja and its regulations’. Its main task is focused on the management and dissemination of quality brand Aceite de La Rioja.

Decisions are taken by the House, the governing body of the Regulatory Council elected by operators Designation of Origin by holding democratic elections. The electoral process is governed by the 'Order 4/2016, of March 8th, 2016, from The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Environment, for which elections of spokesperson members of the Regulatory Council of the PDO Oil La Rioja are called'.

After the last elections, the House has been constituted by:

  • President: Miguel Martínez de Quel, representing Trujal 5 Valles and spokesperson for the making, packaging and retailer sector.
  • Vicepresident: Pedro Sáenz, representing Savigal SL and spokesperson for the producing sector.
  • Spokesperson within the producing sector:
    • José Manuel Medina, representing ‘Agrícola Karey SL’.
    • Manuela Domínguez, representing ‘El Jardín’.
    • Luis Royo, olive farmer.
  • Spokesperson within making/ packaging /retailing:
    • Pedro Enrique García, representing ‘Almazara Valle del Iregua’.
    • Carlos Olloqui, representing ‘Sociedad Cooperativa Los Santos Mártires’.
    • Francisco Felipe Espinosa, representing ‘Bodegas y viñedos Señorío de Librares’.
  • Alternatives within the making sector:
    • Eliseo de Marcos, olive farmer.
    • Teodoro Antoñanzas, olive farmer.
    • Emilio Abad, olive farmer.
    • Teodoro Cabezón, olive farmer.
  • Alternatives within making / packaging / retailing:
    • Isaac Catalán, representing ‘Almazara Ecológica de La Rioja’.
    • Helena Soto, representing ‘SAT Galilea’.
    • Antonio Martínez, representing ‘Almazara El Alberque’.
    • Rosario León, representing ‘Biological Rioja’.
  • Representing Ministry of Agriculture, Farming y environment with voice but no vote:
    • Beatriz Santander.
    • Verónica Munilla.
  • Secretary: Elvira Cantabrana.

Plenary decisions are carried out by a multidisciplinary team working in different areas in which the Regulatory Council of the PDO Aceite de La Rioja is structured as follows: