The Association of olive oil press and olive growers of La Rioja (ASOLRIOJA) were created by olive farmers and main mills on April 7th 2000 in the region to detect and solve the needs of the olive sector, since there was no other body to work in this field. At that time, the purpose was to improve the quality and production of oil from La Rioja.

During the early years, the Association made great efforts to revitalize the sector, which had been experiencing a gradual decline since the 1970´s. In order to achieve maximum professionalism, they undertook different actions, such as training courses, tastings for professionals, market research, promotional activities and coordination of drafting and publication of Infolivo Rioja.

Through these measures, Rioja´s olive sector experienced a dizzying recovery. In fact, olive area has increased from 2,945 hectares in 2000 to 5,597 in 2012. In addition, a high percentage of the production of extra virgin oil has been achieved.

In recognition of the quality of the product, on October 8th 2004, the Protected Designation of Origin Aceite de La Rioja was approved. Throughout the early years, ASOLRIOJA was established as the managing body for La Rioja’s quality brand oil.

On March 11th 2011, the Regulatory Council of the PDO Aceite de La Rioja began with the election of the governing body to manage the Designation of Origin and ensure its functioning.

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