Sociedad Cooperativa Los Santos Mártires from Calahorra is a clear model of transition from old to modern processing systems. After almost 50 years, in 1998, more than 450 members performed a complete change in the oil mill facilities to change and adopt new processing methods to produce high quality oils. Farmers from Calahorra, Autol, Aldeanueva de Ebro, Rincon de Soto and Quel mill their olives in the olive press and they produce a mixed variety oil with empeltre in a higher percentage, redondilla, arbequina and negral which they sell under the brad ‘Iulia Oleum’.

Barrio de la Estación s/n
26500 Calahorra (La Rioja)

Telephone number: 
(+34) 941131798
(+34) 659635163
(+34) 941148972